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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

Submitting Photos to OLAFire.com
There are several ways to submit a photo:

(1) Scan the photo and email the resulting digital image to webmaster@olafire.com.
(2) Take the photo to a retail scanning service, and have it scanned to a CD. Then either email the digital image from the CD, or mail the CD;
(3) Mail the photo to me. I will scan it and promptly mail it back. Please contact me at the above email address if you have a photo to mail.

Scanning: When scanning, the resolution should be 300 dpi (or higher) if possible. The resulting image should have minimal or no compression (when scanning to a JPEG/JPG format, choose "Highest Quality" or "No Compression"). This allows me to add a large version of the photo for better viewing of details, and a smaller version for normal viewing and quicker loading. If the original image is too small or has too much compression, I can only create the smaller version.

Damaged Photos: Is your photo damaged? (Does it have creases, wrinkles, dirt, marks, etc?) Old photos often have some physical damage (creases, folds, tears, etc). Don't let that prevent you from sharing your old photo on this site. Nearly every photo I receive has had some amount of damage.

If the damage is not too severe, I can generally repair it digitally, restoring it to nearly original condition. Because the repair process is time consuming, it generally takes longer to get a damaged photo onto the site than an undamaged one.

Click here to see a damaged photo before and after repair.