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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Margaret Jane Chambers
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
210 9 11/5/49 4 Girl
Sister Mary Seraphica Kelley, BVM
3820 W Huron 
Father: Lloyd Chambers
Mother:Rosemarie (Maticka) Chambers
Sister: Debbie Chambers
Brothers: Joe and Jim Chambers 
About Margaret
Margaret's family moved to Missouri sometime around 1972. Her parents, now deceased, are buried in Antioc Cemetery in Lebanon, Missouri. 
Interred: Queen of Heaven (Hillside, IL)
Memories of Margaret
I lived on the next block from Margaret and played with her. When my dad told me she was gone, I couldn't believe it and I used to sit on her front porch waiting for her. Her family saw me sitting there and never chased me away, even though it was painful for them to see me there. I still think about my friend.
    -- (Maureen, Friend)
Marge (as I was told people called her) was my cousin, but I never met her since I was born in 1964. I have on many ocasions heard and researced this fire -- I feel a draw to this for some reason. Margaret, I was told, may have become a nun had she lived. Also, I was told that she was not supposed to go to school that day as her uniform was not ironed. But she loved music, and she was to have music class that day. While her mother (my aunt) Rose went upstairs to borrow something, Margaret ironed her own uniform and went to school for the day.
    -- (Deneen Crowley, Cousin)
Marge, as I was also told she was called, was also my cousin but we never met since I was born in 1968. I have heard all the stories my mom and Aunt Rose told about Marge. I wish I could have met the caring girl, but all I could do was visit her grave and clean it when I lived in Chicago. It doesn't seem like enough though.
    -- (Chris Mueller, Cousin)
She was 9 years old and I am 8 years old. She was a cousin I never met. Margaret was a good cousin. I want to see her but I can't. But my dad will take me to see her grave. I know that she is dead. I read the article all about her. It made me feel like I was going to cry. I really what to see her grave. My dad said that he will take me to see grave. Amy, Dad, Krysta, Joey, read the article about Margaret.
    -- (Krysta Mueller, Cousin)
Marge was also my cousin. I also never was able to meet her. I was born September 7,1958. My father, William H. Maticka, was her mother's brother. Throughout the years, I would talk to my mother Eileen about Marge and the fire. Like most, I am drawn to this, and feel the sadness. My father could never really talk about it, for the hurt it would bring. I still remember the movies we would watch as a family and would see Marge dancing in her red and white party dress. Marge's mother was my Godmother. I visit her grave, just to let her know she is not forgotten.
    -- (Billy.Maticka, Cousin)
Marge, I still think of you and hard not to - my oldest son looks so much like you. I hope you are happy having my mom and yours with you again. Someday we will meet but not yet. Until then, R.I.P.

    -- (Chris Mueller, Cousin)