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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Joseph Anthony King
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
212 10 8/6/48 5 Boy
Sister Mary Clare Therese Champagne, BVM
1031 N Karlov 
Father: William C. King
Mother: Santa (Sisiliano) King
Sisters: Judith, Mary Sandra, and Carolen King
Brother: William J. King
Grandmothers: Anna Sisiliano and Anna Kulogo 
About Joseph
Joey was the middle child of five children.
On the day of the fire, Judi was a freshman at St. Mary High School. Bill, a seventh grader, was home sick that day. Mary was in fourth grade. Carolen was in first grade on Hamlin Avenue. 
Interred: Queen of Heaven (Hillside, IL)
Memories of Joseph
Joey was a very generous child. When collecting for his paper route, a lady told him she couldn't even afford to buy bread. He took some of his collection money and bought a loaf of bread for her.

We all miss him very much.
    -- (Judith King Lynn, Sister)

Legend by Joelle King, 10/7/1996

This legend I tell with a tear
Passed down to us year to year
It tells of an uncle unknown
His nature so often condoned
Buzzed close was his sandy brown hair
He skipped.... without even a care
We could ask no more of a brother
For he was god's greatest gift to a mother
He never talked back, and did what was told
His heart, only made from the finest of gold
Every Sunday, he'd attend morning mass
Befriending every critter and creature he'd pass
He was sure to keep up with his dues
Each day showing up with today's morning news
And he always returned with jelly on his snout
Which would explain why the boy was the slightest bit stout
For if this bakers house was in range
He dug deep in his pockets for the last of his change
But accuse him of greed you could never
If his help he could give, he'd endeavor
But one day as he sat in his class
Hot flames, so soon would surpass
As kids crowd the door in a rough, violent hoard
He sat in his desk and prayed to the lord
Although he is gone his legend lives on
And I'm proud to know
That I was named after my great uncle Joe.
    -- (Joelle King, Niece)