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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Mary Ellen Moretti
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
208 12 1946 7 Girl
Sister Mary St. Canice Lyng, BVM
431 N Lawndale 
Father: Michael Moretti
Mother: Mary (Martin) Moretti
Brother: Michael Moretti, Jr.
Brother: Thomas Moretti
Brother: Daniel Moretti
Grandparents: Carmella (Novelli) and Joseph Moretti, and Bessie Netherville 
About Mary
Mary was the youngest Moretti child. 
Interred: Queen of Heaven (Hillside, IL)
Memories of Mary
May God always watch over you dear friend.
    -- (Anonymous)
I remember Mary Ellen from Ryerson School where she sat across from me in class. We both had the first seat in our rows. We became friends right away and upon leaving class her first day, she asked if I knew which way she should go to get home.

One day I came to class and Mary Ellen was not in her seat, so I asked the teacher where she was. I was told she had transferred to OLA because space had become available for her. It was shortly thereafter that the fire struck and I saw her picture on the page of the newspaper. I have never forgotten her name all these years. I was an OLA CCD student and made my first communion and confirmation at OLA.
    -- (Roseann Gilbertson, Friend)

Mary Ellen and I became the best of friends when she attended St. Frances Xavier School. Her family lived across the street from us on Flournoy Street. We had our usual spats, but remained the best of friends even after she moved. She was a little bit of a tomboy who loved adventure and her pet monkey. We spent many hours playing together.

I had the honor of being a pall bearer which was one of the saddest days of my childhood. I often think of her and still pray for her. I went on to graduate from St. Frances and then moved away from the neighborhood.
    -- (Janice (Patun) Collins, Friend/Neighbor)

Mary Ellen was my childhood playmate, along with Joan Enright. I lived on Flournoy St., about four houses from Mary Ellen. We had so much fun playing so many different games. She had a pet monkey that I was scared to hold because it would wrap its tail around your neck. Great, great memories of Mary Ellen, I always will remember her and also Joanie.
    -- (Dolores Vasquez, Friend)
I did not know Mary at all but she is my grandfather's sister. She will always be remembered by me and we look very similar, so I will always see her as an amazing girl that always listens to the heart.
    -- (Madeline Moretti, Great Niece)
Mary was a wonderful person and was my grandpa's favorite sibling. He said she was sort of a tomboy and had a pet monkey. I just ask God to please take care of her every day, and one day when I go to heaven, he can bring me to her and we can by reunited. As I mourn for her she would probably be my favorite aunt. I just wish she were here and living healthy. As of now every December 1st I will pray for you at church and if my dad lets me I will try and visit your grave. Love, Your Niece
    -- (Maddie Moretti, Niece)
My grandmother (Mildred and Jim Guzzaldo) lived next door to Mary Ellen and her family on Flournoy. I lived at my grandmother's house as a young girl and Mary Ellen and I played together and even after I moved away and we visited my grandmother she and I enjoyed playing together. I attended Presentation School and in the sixth grade Mary Ellen and I reconnected as she attended that school that year. It was a wonderful reunion. In seventh grade I heard she had moved and then learned she was at OLA for just a few days before that fatal fire. I will never forget her and her freckles and red hair. I think of her often even after all these years. She would be about my age today [2018] - 72 years old. RIP sweet girl.
    -- (Anna Marie (Natiello) Henry, Friend)
I lived on Flournoy across the street from Mary. I was a little older but I did play with Mary and her brother Danny. I loved walking with Mary and she would let me hold her pet monkey. He would sit on your shoulder and wrap his tail around your neck. RIP MARY
    -- (Linda-Vedder Raleigh, Friend)