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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Frank Piscopo
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
212 10 6/17/48 5 Boy
Sister Mary Clare Therese Champagne, BVM
713 N St. Louis 
Father: Frank Piscopo
Mother: Constance "Tena" (Guzaldo) Piscopo
Brothers: Michael, Jerry, Edward and Stephen Piscopo
Grandmother: Amanda Piscopo 
About Frank
Interred: Queen of Heaven Entombment (Hillside, IL)
Memories of Frank
I was never given the opportunity to know my uncle Frank, he was taken from us too soon.

Till we meet - your niece, Pam.

"For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways." (Ps 91:11)
    -- (Pamela Haas, Niece)

Frank, you were such a sweet, cute, shy little guy. You would always pass notes to me that read "I Like You," and when I would read it, and look at you, your face would blush. Then you hurried and put your arm across your face so I could not see that you were blushing. Well Frank, my little friend, here's a final note from me ... I Liked You Too! Rest in Peace my little friend.
    -- (Joyce Peneschi, Friend)
I ran into Frank's brother, Mike, at a reunion. It was like seeing Frank again. Frank was my friend. Always, John.
    -- (John Raymond, Friend)
Uncle Frank,

Although I was never given the opportunity to know you I feel as if we are very close. I have been blessed to learn much about you through your brothers. My dad, Uncle Mike, Steve and Ed are very proud to call you their brother and miss you so very much. You put a smile on all of our faces, especially your mom and dad. I know you are very proud of the the Piscopos. Until we meet...all my love.

Your niece, Amanda Piscopo
    -- (Amanda Piscopo, Niece)

To my Uncle Frank,

Even though I never got a chance to meet you. I know that we would have had lots in common, after all we have the same name. I know some day we will meet, until then.....

Your Nephew - Frank Piscopo
    -- (Frank Piscopo, Nephew)

We wish we could have met you and we're thinking of you. We were looking at the book about you and were crying about the memories.

All of heart and love,
Allegra,Kaylin and Christopher
    -- (Allegra,Kaylin and Christopher, Nieces and Nephew)

Brother Frank,

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. You are my hero. I often think about that cold December day in 1958. I was there with Mom, Dad and Steve. Dad wanted to go into the school but the police held him back. I'm sure he would have brought you out. We waited a long time. Mike came out and we put a blanket around him.

Frankie, we're a family that has been blessed. We have always been very close and I believe you have something to do with it. I love you and we'll be together someday.

Your little brother, Jerry.
    -- (Jerry Piscopo, Brother)

Cousin Frank,

I knew you your whole life, an active young man who enjoyed your short life and did everything with the gusto of youth. I am happy to leave this message over 47 years after your trajic death. Let me add the thoughts of your Uncle John and Aunt Marjorie who rest with you at the Queen of Heaven mausoleum. I visited your crypt last week after attending the funeral of Dr. Colletti.

Cousin John Piscopo 1-31-2005
    -- (John Piscopo, Cousin)

Frank, I know first hand that your entire family will be with you one day in the kingdom of Heaven. I married your brother Mike's daughter, Suzanne, and from the bottom of my heart you have the most blessed family I've ever had the privilege of knowing. I look forward to seeing you in the afterlife. If you are anything like your brothers, nephews, nieces, mother and father, I KNOW you are walking with the Angels. From Dan Hawley (Husband of your niece, Suzanne Piscopo, and proud father of Ryan J. Hawley, and Kaylin A. Mere)
    -- (Daniel J. Hawley, Nephew)