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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Marilyn Reeb
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
212 10 10/12/48 5 Girl
Sister Mary Clare Therese Champagne, BVM
1119 N Springfield 
Father: Edward G. Reeb
Mother: Mary (Gacek) Reeb
Brother: Edward R. Reeb
Brother: Raymond Reeb
Grandparents: Victoria and Ignatius Gacek, and Edward G. Reeb 
About Marilyn
Marilyn was very close to her brother, Eddie. Eddie suffered from Leukemia, which claimed his life just 1 1/2 years after Marilyn perished in the OLA fire. The Reeb's also suffered the loss of their youngest child, Raymond, who died in 1952 at age 17 months. 
Interred: St. Adalbert (Niles, IL)
Memories of Marilyn
Marilyn was a good friend to me. One day after school, she took me to her house on Springfield Ave. to show me the statue of "Our Lady Of The Angels" shrine they built in her back yard. I will always remember her. Rest in peace my little Friend.
    -- (Joyce Peneschi, Friend)
I did not know Marilyn but I was married to her first cousin, John, for over 30 years. Her father visited with us in our home in the late 90's. I believe her mother passed away many many years ago. I have reread the book this past week and am still, as anyone would be, overwhelmed by all of the feelings I have by the horrible tragedy. I studied her picture from the newspaper and am amazed at how baby like her face was. She did not look like a fifth grader.

I remember going to school the next day (I was in the fourth grade at Visitation Grammar School, Chicago, Illinois) I remember exactly where I was sitting, and briefly discussing the fire with our teacher, Sister Genevieve. Never would I have thought how I would feel this special connection with those children. But even back then I remember wanting an answer. Things like that should not happen. I still want an answer. How did this happen? My condolences to all of the victims and to those who feel guilt or who do not feel that they did enough, please know that all of the second guessing in this world, will not change things. You did your best, and as a fourth grader who was scared several miles away in another Catholic grammar school, I thank you very much.
    -- (M. Reeb, Cousin)