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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Kurt Schutt
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
210 9 9/16/49 4 Boy
Sister Mary Seraphica Kelley, BVM
1229 N Avers 
Father: Robert Gene Schutt
Mother: Dorothy Schutt
Grandparents: Oren B. Schutt and Evelyn D. Schutt, and Harry and Dora Hodges
Uncles: Harry, George, Louis, and William Hodges
Aunt: Janet Schutt-O'Neil
Cousins: Kimberly O'Neil-Lesniak and Sherill O'Neil-Roediger 
About Kurt
Kurt died December 8,1958. 
Interred: St. Joseph (River Grove, IL)
Memories of Kurt
Kurt, you were my brother's best friend, and a good friend to me. We will never forget you. Rest in peace our little friend.
    -- (Joyce & Tom Peneschi, Friends)
I never met Kurt, but I have heard many, many things about him and how he passed away. He was the only son of my uncle Robert Gene Schutt. Kurt died several years before I was born and yet I feel close to him at this moment. This is the first time I've seen a picture of him as a young boy since I was a very small child. My coming to this site was a stroke of luck... I was looking to find out where he might be buried. I am so grateful to find a picture of him. I will be sure to have my mother, his Aunt, come and see it as well. God bless you Kurt... I hope where ever you may be, you are with your father and grandparents. Safe and sound.

Kurt was the only son of my uncle, Robert Gene Schutt. I am his cousin Kimberly O'Neil-Lesniak of Pleasant Prairie, WI. My mother, Janet Schutt-O'Neil who was Kurt's Aunt, lives in Wisconsin as well and is still living. Kurt's father died on Jan. 17, 1981 and is laid to rest at Woods National Cemetary in Milwaukee, WI.
    -- (Kimberly O, Cousin)

Dear Kurt, dear cousin. I am so happy to see your beautiful face so I will recognize you in our Father's house when we meet some day.
Your cousin, Sherill Roediger
    -- (Sherill L. Roediger, Cousin)
I never met Kurt but have shed many tears for him. I worked with Kurt's mother from 1964 to 1967 and we became dear, dear friends. She shared many stories with me, such as what he said to her as he was lying in the hospital close to death. The only part of his body that wasn't burned was his big toe and this is what Dorothy could hold on to. Kurt didn't know the severity of his burns and attempted to make his mother feel better by looking on the bright side of things. He said to her, “Mom, I could have died.”

Rest in peace my little friend. You had a good mother and I loved her dearly. She was a comfort to me many times in my life.
    -- (Nicki Papanikolaou, Friend)