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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Linda Marie Stabile
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
210 9 2/23/49 4 Girl
Sister Mary Seraphica Kelley, BVM
843 N Monticello 
Father: Joseph Stabile
Mother: Mollie (Diasio) Stabile
Grandparents: John and Josephine Diasio, and Matteo and Marie Stabile 
About Linda
Interred: Mount Carmel (Hillside, IL)
Memories of Linda
Linda was one of the prettiest girls imaginable with her deep, sparkling brown eyes and the thickest, glossiest, jet black hair that just gleamed in the light. Linda had a gentle, trusting smile and a dimple in her chin. Linda and I were best friends in first or second grade, sharing little girl secrets and whispers across the classroom. We promised to be forever friends. Wherever she is, I hope Linda remembers. I do.
    -- (Sally Konley, Friend)
Linda and I were first cousins. She and I did so much together. We would dress alike down to our bows in our hair. She had a great laugh and eyes that would light up a room. Her hair had a halo around it. I use to always think she must be someone very special to have a halo all the time. Little did I know then that she was an angel. I remember that terrible day. We were all by Aunt Mollie and Uncle Joe's house at night praying for Linda to come home. Aunt Mollie was crying and Uncle Joe was at her side crying and praying that Linda's uncles would find her. I remember when my dad and her other uncles told us she was dead. Uncle Joe collapsed and Aunt Mollie was hysterical. I was just numb. Uncle Joe and Aunt Mollie have both passed. Uncle Joe died first. When Aunt Mollie passed I know that Uncle Joe and Linda were waiting for her in heaven. They can now be family once again.

I also wanted to thank her best friend for saying all those wonderful things about Linda. I never knew you but if Linda and you were friends you must be a great person.
    -- (Marie Formagus Frediani, Cousin)

Linda was my cousin. My mother and her mother were sisters. We lived next door to her. We were not only cousins but also best friends. We laughed, cried, fought and played together. My mother looked after Linda while her mother worked. Linda and I loved to dance together. She was a very special little girl. We love and miss her in our lives very much.
    -- (Janet Esposito (Dellaria), Cousin)
Linda and I lived 5 houses apart, and her parents and mine were great friends. You could tell even at age nine that she was something special. I can still recall many a time when we went to her house, or she came to mine, for lunch. Not a day that goes by that I don't think of her and miss her.
    -- (Tom Chiero, Friend)