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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Mary Louise Tamburrino
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
211 13 4/1/45 8 Girl
Sister Mary Helaine O'Neill, BVM
645 N Drake 
Father: Carl Tamburrino
Mother: Mary (Truglio) Tamburrino
Brother: Carl Francis Tamburrino, Jr.
Grandfather: Rocco Tamburrino
Grandfather: Joseph Truglio  
About Mary
Mary Louise's younger brother Carl passed away many years ago. Mary Louise's parents also passed away many years ago. Her mother was never able to accept Mary Louise's death. She seemed to be a very troubled woman after this tragic event. 
Interred: Queen of Heaven Entombment (Hillside, IL)
Memories of Mary
It saddens me to hear that Mary's brother, Carl, has passed. He was an old friend. Always, John Raymond.
    -- (John Raymond, Friend)
Mary sat behind me in Room 211. She was in the last seat by the rear door. I remember her as being a very shy, sweet young girl, with a very nice smile.

I still remember her telling Sister Helaine that her mother let her have water before taking communion (during the time one had to fast from midnight), and how upset Sister got.

Ed Glanz
    -- (Ed Glanz, Classmate)

I remember Carl, Jr. being transferred to St. Patrick's academy where I went. I remember his face. I was just thinking about this tragedy and glad to have Internet, and saw his name and his sister. No one ever told us anything about the fire, we were so young. The families are in my prayers.

God help us all.
    -- (Fran Colamatteo, Friend)

Mary Louise died long before I married into the family, but the echoes of her passing became immediately apparant at every funeral, wedding and other get-togethers of the Tamburrino clan. Her aunt, Ella Tamburrino, carried pictures of Mary Louise with her until she passed away. Her cousins spoke of the horrible day that they were forced to look at row after row of charred bodies, only to identify Mary Louise through an ID bracelet she had been given. Everyone spoke of the tragedy of her death, which was echoed by the untimely death of her brother. She is missed to this day, as much for who she was, as for who she could have become.
    -- (Roberta Tamburrino, Family Member)
Mary Louise was my cousin, one of a few in the fire. I was very young then, but remember how deeply it affected our whole family. Her mother grieved for her until she passed, and her brother Carl always kept her memory alive and even felt a sense of guilt for surviving. Our whole extended family always loved and spoke of her at family gatherings.

It grieved all our hearts when he passed as well, but they are together now, the whole family again.
    -- (Diana (Giacomino) Vukonich, Cousin)

Mary was in my girl scout troop, which met at a church on Central Park. I will always remember her as the older girl who welcomed me into the troop and befriended me. She was sweet and fun to me when I was the new girl.
    -- (Marie Gebbia, Friend)
To this day, my grandmother still has trouble talking about the fire. My mother is named after Mary Louise, my grandmother was Mary's cousin.

May she rest in peace.
    -- (Kelli Kaelin, Cousin)

Mary Louise lived across the street from me. I remember her always singing the song Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be).

Mary Louise had a great devotion to the Blessed Mother. In May, she always would set up a May Altar in her house. She got me started to do the same; and to this day I still put one up every May and think of Mary Louise.
    -- (Sam Fiorita, Neighbor)