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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

"Remembrances of the Angels"
50th Anniversary Retrospective on the Fire No One Can Forget
Image of the book Remembrances of the Angels: 50th Anniversary Retrospective on the Fire No One Can Forget by John Kuenster
by John Kuenster
Published: 2008
Publisher: Ivan R. Dee, Inc.
    1332 North Halsted Street
    Chicago, IL 60622
    ISBN-10: 1566638003      ISBN-13: 9781566638005
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Reviews of Remembrances of the Angels
John Callaway, WTTW, Chicago Public Television
“In the aftermath of the Our Lady of the Angels School fire of December 1, 1958, many survivors and their families were told to forget the tragedy and go about their lives. No grief counselors in those days. Now John Kuenster, to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragedy, has followed up his earlier masterpiece investigation of the fire, To Sleep with the Angels, with a new volume of remarkable eyewitness recollections. No one who reads this book will ever forget what happened that bright, cold, tragic day fifty years ago. This book honors not only those who died and were seriously injured, but it will save lives in the future. An unforgettable read.”

John Kuenster, coauthor of “To Sleep With The Angels”, has assembled a collection of 27 compelling personal stories from individuals involved in one way or another with the OLA fire. As is clear from these first-person accounts, the tragedy left haunting and indelible memories for those involved. Even fifty years later, some still struggle with the painful memories, while others have reached a peaceful coexistence with their memories. For most, the fire permanently altered the course of their lives. The book includes remembrances from thirteen student who escaped the six fire classrooms, one who was absent but witnessed his classmates' plight, two students from annex classrooms, three relatives of victims, one nurse who treated victims, one non-OLA nun who comforted OLA nuns, a fire department chaplain, and three reporters. The final chapter is the present day Chicago Fire Commissioner's reflections on the OLA fire.