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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

"Stunned with Sorrow"
(Summer 2004 Issue of Chicago History Magazine)
Image of the Summer 2004 issue of Chicago History Magazine
by Suellen Hoy
Published: 2004
Publisher: Chicago Historical Society
    Clark Street at North Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60614-6071

Webmaster Description of Stunned with Sorrow
Suellen Hoy, guest professor of history at Notre Dame University, wrote an excellent article entitled "Stunned with Sorrow" about the BVM nuns and the OLA fire. The 22 page article appears in the Summer 2004 issue of Chicago History, published by the Chicago Historical Society. She provides interesting background information on the nuns prominently involved in the fire, including the three who perished, and relates their individual actions the day of the fire. The article is accompanied by 28 photographs, including pictures of Sr. Therese Champagne and Sr. Geraldita as high school girls.