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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

Other Infamous and Deadly Fires From Around the World

Year Date Location Description Deaths
406ConstantinopleFire destroyed much of Constantinople
1135LondonFire destroyed a large portion of London
11972/25MoscowRossiya hotel45
1204ConstantinopleFire destroyed much of the city during the Fourth Crusade
1212LondonFire destroyed a large portion of London3000+
1421AmsterdamGreat fire of 1421 destroyed large parts of Amsterdam
1452AmsterdamSecond fire in 1452 destroyed three quarters of Amsterdam
17883/21New Orleans856 out of 1100 structures destroyed
16669/2England“Great Fire Of London” Destroyed St. Paul's Cathedral, Etc. Damage: £10 Million
183512/16New York City530 Buildings Destroyed By Fire0
1836St. Petersburg, Russiacircus800
18455/3Canton, ChinaTheater1670
1863Santiago, Chilechurch2500
187110/8ChicagoThe “Chicago Fire” Burned 17,450 Buildings And Killed 250 Persons; $196 Million In Damage250
187110/8Peshtigo WisForest Fire1182
187211/9BostonFire Destroyed 800 Buildings; $75 Million In Damage0
187612/5New York CityFire In Brooklyn Theater Killed More Than 300300+
18776/20St John NB CanadaN/A100
188112/8ViennaAt Least 620 Died In Fire At Ring Theatre850
18875/25ParisOpera Cornique200
18879/4Exeter EnglandTheater200
18949/1MinnForest Fire413
18975/4ParisCharity Bazaar150
18993/17New YorkWindsor Hotel45
19005/1Scofield, UtahExplosion Of Blasting Powder In Coal Mine Killed 200200
19006/30Hoboken, NJPiers Of North German Lloyd Steamship Line Burned; 326 Dead326
1901Jacksonville FL1700 buildings destroyed0
19029/20Birmingham, AlaChurch115
190312/30ChicagoIroquois Theatre Fire Killed 602602
19063/10FranceExplosion In Coal Mine In Courrières Killed 1,0601060
190712/19Jacobs Creek, PaExplosion In Coal Mine Left 239 Dead239
190712/6Monongha, W VaCoal Mine Explosion Killed 361361
19081/13Boyertown, PaRhoads Theater170
19083/4Collinwood OhSchool176
190911/13Cherry, IllExplosion In Coal Mine Killed 259259
19113/25New York CityFire In Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fatal To 145145
19137/22Binghamton, New YorkFactory35
191310/14Mid Glamorgan WalesColliery439
191310/22Dawson, NMCoal Mine Explosion Left 263 Dead263
19143/9St. Louis, MOAthletic Club37
191712/6Nova ScotiaHalifax Harbor Belgian Steamer Collided With Ammunition Ship Mont Blanc, Which Was Carrying Over 2,500 Tons Of Explosives. Explosion Leveled Part Of Halifax And Left About 1,600 People Dead.1600
19174/10Eddystone, PaExplosion In Munitions Plant Killed 133133
191810/12Cloquet MinnForest Fire400
19184/13Norman OklaState Hospital38
19196/20Mayaguez TheaterSan Juan150
19235/17Camden SCSchool76
192412/24Hobart OklaSchool35
19271/9Montreal, QuebecLaurier Palace Theater fire was caused by a discarded cigarette and resulted in the deaths of 78 children, all of whom had been seated in the balcony. Children attempting to escape piled up against the exit doors, which opened inward. Additionally, one of the two balcony exits was locked.78
19295/15Cleveland, OHCrile Clinic125
19304/21Columbus, OhioState Penitentiary322
19317/24Pittsburgh, PAHome For Aged48
193412/11Lansing, MichHotel Kerns34
19364/6Gainesville, GAHardware Company57
19373/18New London, TexExplosion Destroyed Schoolhouse (Fire not a major factor)294
19385/16Atlanta GaTerminal Hotel35
19404/23Natchez MissDance Hall198
194211/28Boston, MassCoconut Grove Nightclub Fire Killed 491491
194212/12St, John's, Newfoundland, CanadaHostel100
19424/26ManchuriaExplosion In Honkeiko Colliery Killed 1,5491549
1942St John's NewfoundlandHostel100
19439/7Gulf Hotel HoustonHotel55
194410/20ClevelandLiquid-Gas Tanks Exploded, Killing 130130
19447/17Port Chicago, Calif322 Killed When Ammunition Ships Exploded322
19447/6Hartford, ConnFire And Ensuing Stampede In Main Tent Of Ringling Brothers Circus Killed 167, Injured 487167
19466/5LaSalle Hotel ChicagoHotel61
194612/7AtlantaWinecoff Hotel119
194612/12New YorkIce Plant, Tenement37
19474/16–18Texas City, TexMost Of The City Destroyed By A Fire And Subsequent Explosion On The French Freighter Grandcamp, Which Was Carrying A Cargo Of Ammonium Nitrate. At Least 516 Were Killed And Over 3,000 Injured.516
19494/5Effingham, IllHospital77
19499/2ChinaFire On Chongqing (Chungking) Waterfront Killed 1,7001700
19498/10Bloomington, IndianaBus Fire16
19501/7Davenport laMercy Hospital41
19533/29Largo FlaNursing Home35
19534/16ChicagoMetalworking Plant35
19545/26Off Quonset Point, RIExplosion And Fire Aboard Aircraft Carrier Bennington Killed 103 Crewmen103
19568/7ColombiaAbout 1,100 Reported Killed When Seven Army Ammunition Trucks Exploded At Cali1100
19568/8Belgium262 Died In Coal Mine Fire At Marcinelle262
19571/24New Haven, CT15 garment workers killed in a fire at the Baer Dress Factory15
19572/17Warrenton, MOHome For Aged72
195811/8Montreal, CanadaTenament21
195812/1ChicagoFire At Our Lady Of Angels, A Roman Catholic Grade School, killed 92 students and 3 nuns95
195812/16Bogota ColombiaStore83
19583/19New York CityLoft Building24
19593/5Near Little Rock ArkSchool21
19596/23Stalheim NorwayResort Hotel34
19601/21CoalbrookSouth Africa: Coal Mine Explosion Killed 437437
19603/12Pusan, KoreaChemical Plant68
19606/11Liverpool, EnglandStore22
19607/14Guatemala CityMental Hospital225
196011/13Amude, Syria152 Children Killed In Moviehouse Fire152
19611/6San FranciscoThomas Hotel20
19615/15Hong KongTenament25
196112/8Hartford Conn hospitalHospital16
196112/17Niterol, BrazilCircus Fire323
19622/7Saarland, West GermanyCoal Mine Gas Explosion Killed 298298
19635/4Diourbel SenegalTheater64
196311/9JapanExplosion In Coal Mine At Omuta Killed 447447
196311/18Atlantic City, N,JSurfside Hotel25
196311/23Fitchville OhRest Home63
196312/29Jacksonville, FlaRoosevelt Hotel22
19645/8ManilaApartment Bldg30
196412/18FountaintownInd Nursing Home20
19653/1LaSalle CanadaApartment28
19655/28IndiaCoal Mine Fire In State Of Bihar Killed 375375
19656/1near Fukuoka, JapanCoal Mine Explosion Killed 236236
19658/11-16CaliforniaWatts riot fires30+
196512/20Yonkers, New YorkJewish Center12
19663/11Numata, Japan2 Ski Resorts31
19668/13Melbourne, AustraliaHotel29
19669/12Anchorage, AlaskaHotel14
196610/17New York CityBuilding (Firemen)12
196612/7Erzurum TurkeyBarracks68
19672/7Montgomery, AlaRestaurant25
19675/22Brussels, BelgiumL'Innovation Department Store322
19677/16Jay, FlaState Prison37
19677/29Off North VietnamFire On U.S. Carrier Forrestal Killed 134134
19681/19Brooklyn, New YorkTenament13
19682/11Franklin, PennResidence Fire11
19682/26Shrewsbury, EnglandHospital22
19683/19New York CityLoft Building24
19685/11Vijayawada, IndiaWedding Hall58
196811/18Glasgow ScotlandFactory24
19691/14Pearl Harbor, HawaiiNuclear Aircraft Carrier Enterprise Ripped By Explosions; 27 Dead, 82 Injured27
19691/26Dunnville OntVictoria Hotel13
196912/2Notre Dame, CanadaNursing Home54
19701/9Marietta, OhioNursing Home27
19703/20Seattle, WashHotel19
197011/1Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, FranceFire In Dance Hall Killed 146 Young People146
197012/20Tucson, ArizonaHotel28
19713/6Burghoezil, SwitzerlandPsychiatric Clinic,1128
19714/20Bangkok, ThailandHotel24
197110/19Honesdale, PaNursing Home15
197112/25Seoul, So KoreaHotel162
19725/13Osaka, Japan118 People Died In Fire In Nightclub On Top Floor Of Sennichi Department Store118
19726/6Wankie, RhodesiaExplosion In Coal Mine Killed 427427
19727/5Sherbome, EnglandHospital30
19732/6Paris FranceSchool21
19735/13Osaka, JapanNightclud116
19736/24New Orleans, LAbar32
197311/29Kumamoto, JapanFire In Taiyo Department Store Killed 101101
197311/6Fukm JapanTrain28
197312/2Seoul KoreaTheater50
19742/1São Paulo, BrazilFire In upper stories of bank building killed 189 persons, many of whom leaped to their deaths189
19746/30Port Chester N YDiscotheque24
197411/3Seoul, So KoreaHotel Discotheque88
197512/12Mina, Saudi ArabiaTent City138
197512/27Dhanbad, IndiaExplosion In Coal Mine Followed By Flooding From Nearby Reservoir Left 372 Dead327
197610/24Bronx, NYSocial Club25
19772/25MoscowRossiya Hotel45
19775/28Southgate, KyFire In Beverly Hills Supper Club; 167 Dead167
19776/9Abidjan, Ivory CoastNightclub41
19776/26Columbia, TennJail42
197711/14Manila PlHotel47
19781/28Kansas CityCoates House Hotel16
19787/11Tarragona, Spain140 Killed At Coastal Campsite When Tank Truck Carrying Liquid Gas Overturned And Exploded140
19788/20Abadan, IranNearly 400 Killed When Arsonists Set Fire To Crowded Theater400
197811/17London, EnglandSubway30
19797/14Saragossa, SpainHotel80
197912/31Chapels QuebecSocial Club42
19805/20Kingston, JamaicaNursing Home157
198011/21Las VegasMgm Grand Hotel84
198012/4Harrison, NYStouffer Inn Hotel26
19811/9Keansburg, NJBoarding Home30
19812/10Las Vegas HiltonHotel8
19812/14Dublin, IrelandDiscotheque44
19829/4Los AngelesApartment House24
198211/8Biloxi, MissCounty Jail29
198212/18–21Caracas, VenezuelaPower-Plant Fire Left 128 Dead128
19832/13Turin ItalyMovie Theater64
198312/17Madrid, SpainDiscotheque83
19845/11New JerseyGreat Adventure Amusement Park8
19854/21Tabaco, PhilippinesMovie Theater44
19854/26Buenos Aires ArgentinaHospital79
19855/11Bradford, EnglandSoccer Stadium53
198612/31San Juan, PRArson Fire In Dupont Plaza Hotel Was Set By Three Employees, Killing 96 People96
19875/6-6/2Northern ChinaForest Fire193
198711/17London, EnglandSubway30
19883/20Lashio, Burma2000 building134
19896/3Ural MountainsLiquefied Petroleum Gas Leaking From A Pipeline Running Alongside The Trans-Siberian Railway Near Uta, 72 Miles East Of Moscow, Exploded And Destroyed Two Passing Passenger Trains. About 500 Travelers Were Killed And 723 Injured Of An Estimated 1,200 Passengers500
198910/23Pasadena, TexA Huge Explosion Followed By A Series Of Others And A Raging Fire At A Plastics Manufacturing Plant Owned By Phillips Petroleum Co. Killed 22 And Injured More Than 80 Persons. A Large Leak Of Ethylene Was Presumed To Be The Cause.22
19903/25New York CityArson Fire In The Illegal Happy Land Social Club, In The Bronx, Killed 87 People87
19913/3Addis Ababa, Ethiopiamunitions dump260+
19919/3Hamlet, NCChicken-Processing Plant25
199110/20-21Oakland/Berkeley, CaWildfire24
19934/19Waco, TXcult compound72
19935/10Near Bangkok, ThailandFire In Doll Factory Killed At Least 187 Persons And Injured 500 Others. World'S Deadliest Factory Fire.187
19941/3Sabaneta, VenezuelaPrison108
19945/10Bangkok, Thailandtoy factory213
19947/4-10Glenwood, Springs14 Firefighters killed when fire surrounded them14
1994Karamay, ChinaTheater?
199411/2Durunka, Eygptburning fuel flood500
199412/10Karamay, Chinatheater300
199510/28Baku, Azerbaijansubway train300
199512/23Mandi Dabwali, Indiaschool500+
19963/19Quezon City, Philippinesnightclub150+
19963/28Bogor, Indonesiashopping mall78
19964/11Dusseldorf, Germanyairport16
199610/22Caracas, VenezuelaJail25
199611/20Hong KongBuilding39
19972/23Baripada, IndiaWorship site164
19974/15Mina, Saudi ArabiaEncampment343
19976/13New Dehli, IndiaMovie theater60
19976/7Thanjavur, IndiaTemple60+
19977/11Pattaya, ThailandHotel90
19979/29near Colina, ChileChildren's home30
19983/26Mazeras, IndiaSchool dorm22
199812/3Manila, PhilippinesOrphanage28
19992/10Samara, RussiaPolice headquarters23
19993/24Chamonix, FranceBelgian Truck Carrying Margarine And Flour Broke Out Into Flames In The Mont Blanc Tunnel, Trapping Dozens Of Cars. Death Toll Was At Least 42.42
19993/24France and ItalyMont Blanc tunnel40
19996/30Hwasung, South KoreaCamp dormitory23
199910/30S. Koreakaraoke salon55+
20003/17Kanungu, UgandaChurch530
20006/23Queensland, AustraliaHostel15
200010/12Aden, YemenU.S. Navy Destroyer Uss Cole Was Heavily Damaged When A Small Boat Loaded With Explosives Blew Up Alongside It. Seventeen Sailors Were Killed In What Was Apparently A Deliberate Terrorist Attack.17
200011/11nr. Kaprun, AustriaCable Car Transporting Skiers To The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier Broke Into Flames While Moving Through A Mountain Tunnel. The Final Death Toll Reached 156, Including 90 Austrians, In What Was Termed Austria'S Worst Alpine Disaster.156
20013/26Machakos, KenyaSchool68
20018/13Erwadi, IndiaMental Home25
20018/17Quezon City, PhilippinesHotel75
20019/1Tokyo, JapanMultiple Buildings44
200112/29Lima, PeruShopping Center291
20026/26Agra, IndiaFactory42
20027/9Palembang, IndonesiaKaraoke Bar42
200211/2El Jadida, MoroccoPrison50
200212/1Caracas, VenezuelaNightclub47
20031/23Tamil Nadu, IndiaWedding Hall57
20032/20West Warwick, Rhode IslandNightclub - The Station Nightclub fire started when a member of the band that was performing set off pyrotechnics, igniting sound insulating material surrounding the stage. The fire grew very rapidly, causing most patrons to panic and attempt to escape through the building's front exit. The narrow hallway leading to the exit quickly became blocked with the crush of people attempting to flee, causing many patrons and staff to be overcome by smoke and toxic gases before they could escape. Most patrons were unaware of the building's three other exits. When it was all over, 100 people were dead and well over 200 injured.100
20045/17San Pedro Sula, HondurasPrison104
20047/16Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, IndiaA small kitchen fire defied initial attempts to extinguish it, and soon spread to the thached roof of the school. The fire soon spread across the entire roof and, with only a single narrow exit in the building, many children were trapped as burning thatch fell into the school. Because a similar fire some years earlier in the same kitchen was quickly extinguished, school staff did not immediately begin evacuation of the school. As a result, 94 of the approximately 700 children in the school perished.94
20048/1Asuncion, ParaguaySupermarket464
20049/3Beslan, RussiaChechen and Ingush terrorists stormed Beslan School Number One on September 1, 2004, taking around 1,200 students, staff and parents hostage. On the third day of the seige, Russian security forces stormed the school when the terrorists detonated explosives in the gymnasium, where they held most of the hostages. The explosion and resulting fire, as well as the shootout between security forces and terrorists, killed at least 334 hostages, including 186 children, and injured more than 725. At least 10 Russian security forces were killed, along with nearly all of the terrorists, bringing the overall death toll for the tragedy to at least 380.334
200412/30Buenos Aires, ArgentinaNightclub194
20053/7Higuey, Dominican RepublicPrison136
200512/15Jilin, ChinaHospital39
20062/24Chittagong, BangladeshTextile Factory65
200612/9Moscow, RussiaDrug Rehab Hospital46
20073/19Kamyshevatskaya, RussiaNursing Home63
20081/7Icheon, South KoreaWarehouse40
20084/25Casablanca, MoroccoMattress Factory55
20091/1Bangkok, ThailandNightclub66
20091/31Molo, KenyaOil spill113
20092/7Victoria, AustraliaMultiple bushfires during an extreme heatwave, fanned by winds up to 60 mph, destroyed over 5,000 structures, killing 173, injuring over 400 and leaving thousands homeless. One of the towns worst hit was Marysville, where 90% of the town was destroyed.173
20096/5Hermosillo, MexicoDaycare Center48
20099/13Taldykorgan, KazakhstanDrug abuse clinic38
200912/4Medan, IndonesiaKaraoke Bar20
200912/5Perm, RussiaNightclub152
20103/23Calcutta, IndiaStephen Court building42
20106/3Dhaka, BangladeshA fire that started when an electrical transformer exploded destroyed many homes117
201011/15ShanghaiHigh-rise apartment building58
201012/8Santiago, ChilePrison81
201112/9Calcutta, IndiaHospital90
20122/14Comayagua, HondurasPrison360
20128/25Punto Fijo (Paraguana Peninsula), Falcon, VenezuelaOil Refinery48
20129/11Karachi, PakistanGarment Factory312
20129/11Lahore, PakistanShoe Factory25
201211/24Dhaka, BangladeshGarment Factory124
20131/27Santa Maria, BrazilNightclub233