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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Nancy Pilas
Room Age Birthdate Grade B/G/T
211 12 12/12/45 8 Girl
Sister Mary Helaine O'Neill, BVM
1144 N Ridgeway 
Father: Anthony R. Pilas
Mother: Ann (Lucca) Pilas
Brother: Daniel Pilas
Grandparents: Dan and Bridget Pilas, and Michael and Nanziata Lucca
Aunts and Uncles: Guy and Elsie Lucca, Nick and Marilyn Lucca, Paul and Mary Lo Presti, Anthony and Mary Jean Lucca, Joseph and Fran Lucca, Rocco and Marie St. Marie, Frank and Josephine Pilas, Josephine and Robert Palese, James and Carol Pilas, William and Tosca Pilas, Anthony and Ann Di Tusa, and Jerry and Marion Pilas 
About Nancy
Nancy's father, Tony, was superintendent of field inspectors for the Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau. Nancy was buried in the Pilas Family section of Mt. Carmel Cemetery. 
Interred: Mount Carmel (Hillside, IL)
Memories of Nancy
Nancy was a good friend of mine for many years. We were in a club together with about 6-8 other girls and we would take turns meeting at each of our homes. She was always happy and a fun person to be around. We even visited with her parents a couple of times after Nancy's death.
    -- (Rosemary (Pisani) Bieker, Friend)
Nancy, you were a very good friend to me; you're family and my Family were all good friends. It seems like only yesterday I would always see you, and your mother taking walks around the neighborhood together or shopping in the local Courtesy Food Store. You always had a beautiful smile on your face that made your cheeks glow. You were such a happy young girl. You had a wonderful family that adored you. Your mom would always say, “my Nancy,” she was so proud of you. And of course you were Daddy's little girl. Everytime I would see your dad around the neighborhood, we always stopped to talk about you.

I remember the last time I spoke to you, you were telling me about all the big plan's your mom and dad were making for your 8th grade graduation party, renting a hall, etc. You had so many friend's that you needed a hall for all of us. You were so happy and excited, and I was so happy and excited for you. You were such a joy to every one you came in contact with.

When God took you away, He took the joy out of our neighborhood and, I would think, that is because He wanted you to share your joy in heaven, with all the other angels.

I will never forget you. Rest in Peace my little Angel Friend.
    -- (Joyce (Cookie) Peneschi, Friend)

Hi, Nancy, I miss you very much. I tell stories to my grandchildren about you, Cookie and me. I am 62 now and I miss you so much -- I will always miss you. -Mary Ann.
    -- (Mary Ann Tummillo-Turner, Friend)
I met Nancy Pilas in fifth grade when I transferred to OLA from a public school. We became good friends. We were in a small club together with a few other friends. The last time I talked with her was after lunch on December 1st. I said I would see her after class that day. But unfortunately I never did. Some of us girls would visit Mr. and Mrs Pilas after her death. They were never the same. What a loss. I named my son Daniel after Nancy's brother as a remembrance of her family.
    -- (Rosalie (Guzzo) O'Brien, Friend)